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WBNB (Wrapped BNB) is a form of BNB cryptocurrency that can be used for conducting transactions in the DeFi world if the transaction is on a BEP20 network. Its value is pegged to the price of the BNB asset and can also be exchanged for the original BNB token at any time. Simply put, the value of wrapped BNB is determined by the original token from which it is wrapped.

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Wrapped BNB was created to improve the interoperability of BNB Smart Chain (BSC), as having separate blockchains with different functions prevents tokenized interaction and limits cross-chain transactions.


Our focus is to increase the freedom of money globally. We believe that by spreading this freedom, we can significantly improve lives around the world.


Our Aim is to provide the core infrastructure services for organizing the world’s crypto.


Wrapped BNB serves as a bridge between blockchains, allowing users to move from one network to another when performing financial transactions.

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We finance our potential projects on our own, mentor, and assist your project in connecting with our extensive network of strategic partners to raise capital and brand awareness.

Advisory Partner

We will accompany your project on the journey from building a strategic plan, raising funds, marketing, and product development to implementation in real life, providing a clear picture of the status quo to take the next step towards fully harnessing the future potential of your project.

Project Launching

We launch fully vetted projects on top-class launchpads on the market: Pinksale, Gempad, and Pandsale. And helping them to reach millions of high-quality audiences.

Developer Hub

We are backed by a great network of strategic technology partners who are experienced & qualified programmers with a wide range of programming tools to help blockchain development become more straightforward and accessible.

Wrapped BNB offers fast transaction services. Buying and selling Bitcoin or Ethereum takes up a considerable amount of time on their own platform.

By changing the currency into Wrapped BNB, the transaction can be carried out on another platform and then transferred back into the original currency at very low costs and much higher speeds than it would have otherwise.

Wrapped BNB is more secure than BNB.

Wrapped BNB crypto assets also provide an extra layer of security compared to the standard BNB. While BNB is already secure enough, wrapping it with a private key gives users more control over their accounts and makes it less likely for hackers to target them.

PreSale and Airdrop

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Presale Ends at February 21, 2023

Listing on February 23, 2023.
Min Buy 0.01 BNB = 1,500 WBNB
Max Buy 10 BNB = 1,500,000 WBNB

Address Contract:
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Listing Price 1 WBNB = 1.43USD
Invite people to get 50% BNB and 50% WBNB on Every Airdrop and Presale.
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The Magic number


TOTAL SUPPLY: 1,000,000,000 WBNB

10% Team
22% Cex enquiry
30% Presale
18% Pancake liquidity
10% Marketing
10% Reserve



All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination.

Build Team
Feasibility Study
Design Tokenomic
Build Website & Community
Token Development
Team KYC
Audit from SOLIDProof
Marketing and Giveway Tier1
Public sale
Pancakeswap Listing
Cex Listing Tier1 (Bitmart, Mexc)
Cex Listing Tier2 (Bybit)
CoinMarketCap & Coingecko FastTrack Listing
Partnership with Other Projects
Incubator Feature Launch
Marketing & Giveway Tier-2
Partnership with Other Incubators
Cex Listing Tier3 (Gate, Kucoin)
Marketing & Giveway Tier-3
Governance Feature Launch
Social Media Verification
Cex Listing Tier4 (Bitget, Okk, Lbank & other 10 cex)
Marketing & Giveway Tier-4
Redesign Website & Roadmap
New Features launch

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Meet Our Expert Team

Chao Zheng
C.E.O & Founder

Yi He


any questions?

Make sure to visit the Telegram community if you have any unanswered questions!

Is your team KYC Verified?

Ans: Yes, our team is kyc verified.

Does your token have an audit report?

Ans: Yes, our token is audited from SolidProof which is the best & well known audit platform.

Your project is Safu?

Ans: Yes. We have clear tokenomics, team kyc verified, no mint functions, 0% trading fees, clear roadmap and other extraordinary features which made us

What is the main target of this project?

Ans: Our main target is to develop the future of blockchain by helping to develop potential projects, striving to provide maximum benefit to our community & holders.

What are the benefits for the $WBNB holder?

Ans: The currency allows for a bigger profit to be made during transactions and trades than platforms would make without the ability to run within different blockchains and with different cryptocurrencies.

What are the benefits of Active Community Members?

Ans: The community will be benefited from monthly or weekly airdrops, partnerships & giveaways. Moreover, 30% of the profit from project incubation will be given as a giveaway. Regular active community members will also be benefited from there.

What is Incubator?

Ans: an Incubator is a Central project that governs, assists and provides a kick-start to other projects with safu teams.

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